The library of the Jemal Nebez Foundation in our premises in Berlin-Wilmersdorf will be availabe to visitors as a reference library at agreed times. Details of the opening will be announced on this page.

The online cataloguing of Library’s contents is another current task, for which the Foundation is seeking experts in the form of contracts for work. If it can be arranged, the contractors will also instruct interns in this work.

This website provides information about the current status of the library, and about library contracts for work

 Library-related preparatory work is now possible 

The sorting and recording of books, magazines and newspapers via computer can be started, even before the contracts for work are signed. The Foundation is looking for volunteers to start immediately.

The library will house printed matter in a number of languages. Volunteers should also bring along more than one of these languages: German, Kurdish, English, French, Arabic, Persian, Turkish or Russian. They should also be computer literate and love books. Care taking when handling books and other printed materials is essential for this work.

There are two computer workstations in the library and sufficient instruction. Those who ae  interested in this should be able to work three full hours per week.

A timetable will be set up and volunteers will need to commit themselves to following it. 

Contact via the contact form or email 

The easiest way to contact us is via the contact form on this page, or alternatively through email. We will then invite you to come in and have a conversation with us. The library-related preparatory work is done in the library, which is conveniently located in Berlin-Wilmersdorf.