You have seen our Longterm Project sub-site, and are now thinking about a standing order donation? Or do you find our Science Award particularly worthy of support?

If this is the case, we have something in commen. We are also for continuity. Our foundation is designed to exist for a long time: And we very much appreciate the additional planning security provided by steady friends and sponsors.

You find the procedure for making a permanent financial donation
on the Donate sub-site.

Support us through your active collaborative work!

This invitation to actively participate goes out to all who want to work in Berlin in the office or remotely via the internet.This work is organized by the office management of the Foundation. We are looking for voluntary support in the following areas:


Translating short or longer texts. We are looking for Translations from and into several languages (Kurdî + کوردی, German, English, also other languages, e.g.  Arabic, Persian and Turkish).

Location: Berlin or via internet

Requirements: if possible experience in translating

Establishment of the Jemal Nebez Library

Inventory and cataloging of the library. Each book must be given a shelfmark.
Involves working with cataloguing software.

Location: Berlin, later also via internet

Requirements: careful accurate work

Organization of the book table of the Jemal Nebez Foundation

On different occasions, at major events and conferences, also on the occasion of the Annual Meeting of the Foundation.

Location: Berlin / various event locations, possibly also other locations

Requirements: Reliability, enjoyment of organizing,

Experience in dealing with groups and colleagues,

Self-organized support groups are welcome

The foundation supports the establishment of self-organized associations of supporters of the Jemal Nebez Foundation.

They can be formed and maintained on the Internet or become active on a regional basis.

It is important that the foundation is aware of them and their concerns and is connected with these circles through a contact person.

Occasional communications can lead to real acquaintance and more.

The Jemal Nebez Foundation is still young. It may in time grow into a full-size international foundation.

If you are interested, please contact us via our [contact form].We will contact you for a personal conversation.

Please also contact us if you have another suggestion how YOU could support the Jemal Nebez Stiftung, or if you find that something is missing and you know of how to impliment it.

Please use our contact form.

A treat at the end: Jemal's garden

Patrons living in Berlin can visit Jemal's garden in the center of Berlin for their meetings.

It is not far from the headquarters and office of the Foundation and is ideal for this purpose during the beautiful time of the year, when this city tends to be full of visitors from all over the world.

This place is also ideal to introduce guests who are interested in the Jemal Nebez Foundation to a piece of garden culture together with Kurdish catering and hospitality.

If you are interested, please contact us via our contact form. We will contact you for a personal conversation.