Gravesite in Sileymani

The burial place of Jemal Nebez is in his hometown, Sileymani, in Southern Kurdistan.

Jemal deposited a notarized will at the District Court of Berlin Charlottenburg, in which he made his life partner, now the chair of the Jemal Nebez Foundation, Dr. Hannelore Küchler, his sole heir.
They granted each other general power of attorney beyond death.

Jemal left no other instructions as to what should happen after his death, or where and how he wanted to be buried, so she decided that his mortal remains should be transferred to Southern Kurdistan, which was done on the 12 th of December, 2018 on a direct flight from Berlin to Hewler (Erbil).

There, his sister, Ms Nimat Towfiq Mahmud took charge of the coffin and arranged the burial at a prominent location in a busy part of Sileymani. Before, at Hewler (Erbil) airport, the deceased was given a dignified welcome, in the presence of his family, friends and followers, as well as representatives of the KRG (Kurdish Regional Government).