Thank you for your interest and any support to the Jemal Nebez Foundation. Our foundation is still young. It needs a lot of protection and every possible strengthening and therefore we ask for donations.

The donations are to be used for the cultural and scientific work of the Jemal Nebez Foundation in the service of the Kurds and Kurdistan.

Currently we need donations for the following projects

• The Jemal Nebez Science Award
• Establishment of the-Jemal Nebez Library and the Longterm Project

If you name one of these purposes, we will allocate your donation accordingly.

Please consider supporting us in the long term with a permanent donation or a standing order at your bank.
Our Foundation has the status of a non-profit organization [PDF].

We can therefore issue you a donation receipt for tax purposes. Donations up to 300 Euros have been subject to simplified verification requirements in Germany since 2021.

Please enter in the subject of the transfer the keyword "donation"

Please make sure that we can use your contact details (name, e-mail address) for the donation receipt. Either use our contact form for this purpose or send us an email to

When you leave us your name and email address, we will send you our newsletter and inform you about the progress of our projects. Our newsletters are to be sent out twice a year, in autumn and in spring.

Transparency is important to us. On the occasion of our annual online meeting at the beginning of December, we will publish an anonymized list of donations received during the year.

Donations via PayPal:


Donations via bank transfer to:

Deutsche Bank AG: IBAN DE69100700240095378600