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Dear friends of Jemal Nebez, dear Kurds!


We continue to greet you after the turn of the year with the same motif, which bears the logo of our foundation in the festive green-yellow/gold-red circles. Good wishes for the New Year may well linger long into January, especially as we will be in the process of restructuring this month.

Our foundation will be undergoing restructuring from January

The decision to do this was made between the years, looking back on 2023, as well as 2021 and 2022. These three years were hard work and important. They have brought us to this point, where we believe we can achieve a lot for our foundation if we start afresh now. We have put a lot of work into setting up the library so far, which has been good, the Excel lists have been created and we will be able to continue at some point. This year, however, we would rather make progress with cataloging the personal estate of Jemal Nebez.

If you don't act quickly in these terrible times, you will quickly lose out. We have hurried accordingly in order to be able to hand to our tax consultants office the documents for the year 2023 at an early time this year. The past year is largely behind us in terms of accounting. Thus we can take into account the necessary changes resulting from the restructuring we are undergoing in our budget for the current year.

On Sun - February 4 we will hold our Annual Meeting 2023

Due to our festive event with the presentation of the Jemal Nebez Prize to Zara Mohammadi, more precisely to Zara's sister Kani (as Zara did not want to leave her home region of Eastern Kurdistan/Rojhelat  in Iran without the certainty of being allowed to re-enter the country), we were unable to hold our usual annual meeting at the beginning of December.

As it is, we are now able to offer a full review of the year 2023 at the beginning of February and also present the restructuring that has already begun together with the budget for 2024, which will then have been adjusted accordingly.

For details of the annual meeting on February 4, see Events/Annual meeting.

‘Genocide and the unlawful division of a cultural nation are not time-barred’,
this was the core statement of our last long homepage, which we slimmed down shortly before our festive event at the beginning of December. We then moved that text to the newsletter subsite of this website. It is still there and can be read, also downloaded as 3_2023 Deutsch Newsletter. 

JNS Newsletter 1_2024 at Newroz 

The terrible events of the last 125 years must never be forgotten. On the other hand, there must also be room for new developments that give hope. Both are important.

Let’s remain confident.

Very best wishes,

Jemal Nebez Foundation 

Here in the gallery below we show some books and writings of our namesake, which are listed on his former website

https// is now administered by the Jemal Nebez Foundation.

Who has a not listed writing of Jemal Nebez in his possession, please let us know, gladly via our contact form. The goal is a comprehensive directory of the works and writings of our namesake. Any help is welcome.