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It is hard to believe, but these terrible times for Kurds everywhere, but especially in their home regions, go on and on.

It is clearer than ever: the Kurds are endangered as a people and a nation, and not least where they are at home, in their ancestral settlement area of Kurdistan, which is located in the heart of the Middle East and as a result of the First World War - in a process that dragged on until shortly after the end of the Second World War - was divided up into several newly founded nation states without having one itself.

After the end of the war, the Kurds were granted a state in 1920. Then they were overrun by the founding of Turkey, which - shortly afterwards - began a new kind of genocidal policy against the Kurds now living within its borders in the north of Kurdistan. At the same time, the mandate powers tasked with the reorganization of the remaining mass of the defunct Ottoman Empire were more concerned with securing their own advantages than with finding a solution for the Kurds of southern and western Kurdistan entrusted to their care. They and the League of Nations (followed by the UN) failed shamefully to secure lasting rights for these Kurds within the newly created Arab nation states of Iraq (1932) and Syria (1946), if they were to remain without a state of their own.

What is right and important, and is ignored, must be repeated

There is no statute of limitations on genocide, nor on the unlawful division of a cultural nation. We see it as our duty to repeatedly address the documented history of the suffering of the Kurds and their difficult current situation, and we are looking for new and innovative ways to do so. Without this, there will be no satisfaction for Kurds which they deserve and no recognition for what Kurds have already contributed to the world cultural heritage independently and under difficult conditions.

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