About Us

The founder of the Jemal Nebez Foundation, Dr. Hannelore Küchler, left the entire estate of Jemal Nebez to the Foundation. The assets of Jemal Nebez, which flowed into the Foundation, were increased in comparable value by her own funds.

This is a foundation which set up by and for Kurds.

The Foundation has two properties in Berlin Wilmersdorf: a condominium that is currently rented out and brings in an income for the foundation, and a non-residential property with an office, meeting room and the Jemal Nebez Library.

The notarial certification of the assets, with the preamble/charter of the Foundation, was done at the notary’s office and signed by founder Dr. Hannelore Küchler on March 20, 2020. The preamble and the statutes of the Jemal Nebez Foundation can here be viewed online.

The purpose of the Jemal Nebez Foundation is the promotion of science and research, popular education, and vocational training and the art and culture of the Kurds, be it in Kurdistan or aroud the world, in the current context or concerning their history.

A legally responsible non-profit organization

With its limited resources, the Foundation can pay its current expenses, but cannot employ staff. It can support research projects, but cannot finance them from its own funds. Rather, it relies on voluntary work and on donations or other benefits. Anyone who is subject to tax assessment in Germany can take advantage of tax benefits, based on the donations made to the Foundation. As it has a non-profit status, the foundation is able to issue donation receipts. The Deutsche Bank account number and our IBAN for donations can be found in the Impressum or Legal notice.

Honorary executive and advisory board

The chairperson, who is also the founder, is appointed for life. Her deputy and the advisory board are appointed for five years. In five years, the founding phase of the Jemal Nebez Foundation will be behind it and much will already have been arranged. The more people who are addressed by this foundation and want to get involved, the better.


Executive Board

Lifetime Chair: Dr. Hannelore Küchler, Berlin

Deputy Chairperson: Jan Gosau -
Industrial Engineer, Berlin (appointed for five years)

Executive Board Member:
Sirwan Renas Salihzade, MA pol.sc.,  Philadelphia/USA

Advisory Board

Markus Kuchler / Attorney at Law, Stockholm,  Chairperson of the Advisory Board

Kaveh Ghoreishi / MA soz., Journalist, Berlin.

Dr. Sara Minelli/ University Assistant, Kiel

Other bodies and responsibilities

With the increase in the activities of the Foundation, its organizational structure begins to increase. As a first such step a body was formed that is independently responsible for finding and selecting suitable candidates for the Jemal Nebez Award.

Independent Jemal Nebez Award Commission, Chairman Sirwan Renas

This commission  currently consists of 7 members: Haci Akman, Veman Lineva, Sirwan Kawusi, Faxriya Adsay (also Fahriye Adsay), Behkash Takouk, Xunav Haco, and Sirwan Renas, whereby the latter formed and leads the group independently after having been commissioned to do so by the foundation’s Board of Directors and its Advisory Board. Here more info about the Jemal Nebez Prize including short biographies of the members of the Jemal Nebez Prize Commission.

International ties

The eponym of the Jemal Nebez Foundation was at home in both the Orient and the Occident. He was a cosmopolitan man with wide and broad connections. Accordingly, his foundation strives for contacts and cooperation all over the world, not least with individuals or organizations based in Kurdistan.