Longterm Project

Good things take time. This our namesake knew. It was important for him to be sure about the approach and was accurate in everything that followed. This is also how his foundation deals with his scientific estate. It is clear that the establishing of the Jemal Nebez Library and Archive is a long-term project that not only requires a great deal of effort but for which expert advice must also be sought from time to time.

Working in two departments, library and archive

We have assigned the estate of Jemal Nebez to two departments. There is the library  and work there has started in the premises o the Foundation in Spichernstraße and also elsewhere, via the Internt.. And there is the  archive .The work on the latter part of our longterm projekt has been postponed. For the accommodation of the archive the foundation a suitable room for storing has been found,  also for viewing of its content,  see the photos below. 

About the inventory of the archive

So far, only a rough inventory of the archive materials has been made. The diaries, notebooks and telephone books have been sorted by year and are stored in numbered boxes. So far, only scans of the diaries have been made, a kind of trial run of how the scanning of the archive materials can proceed- The archive also includes a large number of folders that our namesake used to store various materials for topics of interest to him There are many handwritten notes, including manuscripts, and stacks of letters, all in different languages. Finally, there are also many copies and voucher copies of articles he wrote himself.

Below there are  four photos depicting  some items from the archive and views of the archive space.

About the state of the library

The library consists of magazines and newspapers (periodicals) and books (monographs) arranged by language and also includes a number of dictionaries.
In the meantime, a detailed inventory could be made in one area, namely regarding the periodicals. All existing periodicals, the volumes as well as the issues per year, have been recorded in an Excel spreadsheet, including photos of the covers in web quality.

First module - Excel table of periodicals - is completed!

Thus we have a first presentable module for the future network of databases, with which we want to map our library - later also the archive - and make it available to the future users of the Jemal Nebez Library.

Special stock in a bookcase – the books written by Jemal Nebez

Our stock of books is housed in shelves, except for a bookcase that contains the books that were written and published by our namesake. For his 80th birthday, he was presented with a listing of these works in Word.  The information contained in this list, as well as its web quality photos, were then used to create a showcase view of our namesake's works which can be viewed and interactively clicked on his still existing website. 

The so-called Master List, written in Word format, has since been significantly advanced thanks to the generous Internet-based collaboration of a team of volunteers. It has been completed and converted into Excel spreadsheet format suitable for further processing. To do this, they recreated two Excel spreadsheets, one completely in the Latin writing system - in Kurdî.  The second is in what one may call the the Oriental writing system - in کوردی. Thus, these Excel listings - complete with all the information about the works of our namesake and along with the respective photos of their covers - can now be used with relative ease to find a nice Internet application to introduce Kurds worldwide to the work of Jemal Nebez.

There is much to be done - best with your donation or assistance

According to our statutes, the foundation has several possibilities to gain qualified employees at a reasonable price, either through contracts for work and labor, or by giving internships to interns. In both cases defined parts of the pending work would be able to progress noticeably, Our own means to pay for such contractors and/or interns are very limited. Apart from donations, there is still another way of assistance, We, furthermore,  very much hope to find  suitably qualified volunteers for this work.

Please contact us via our contact form, we will contact you personally or invite you to a video conference.

The following four photos show items from the archive's holdings and views of the archive and storage space: 1 on the left, Jemal’s notebook calenders and telephone books 2 at the top, view of the archive room 3 at the bottom, Jemal's diaries 4 on the right, view of the storage shelves in the ante room.