Dear friends and all those interested in the Jemal Nebez Foundation!

If you would like to find out more about the circumstances surrounding the establishment of the Jemal Nebez Foundation and how we are financially positioned, you will find answers in the first part of our foundation document.

About our current financial situation in 2024

The following PDF contains our income and expenditure for the first three months of the year: January, February and March, i.e. for the first quarter of 2024

We are presently considering whether to remove the anonymization of the 'Donations' category in our pdf tables, as a matter of principle, to enhance our transparency. It is little known that a significant part of our 'Donations' category consists of the amount that the founder transfers monthly as put down in the foundation document, see page 4.

There is an explanation for that. When the foundation was set up in 2020, the German authorities welcomed the fact that the foundation was to own some real estate, but found that its cash income was too low, a shortcoming  that was removed by the above-mentioned agreement.

Incidentally, we do generate some cash income (rent) from our property assets, see ‘other income’ in the table we show in the pdf.

It is clear, however,  that our income is too low to adequately finance generally important projects of concern to Kurds and the situation they are in, in all parts of Kurdistan and elsewhere.

Our finances in 2023, JN award costs

2023 was a very active and important year for us.
We were able to award our Jemal Nebez Prize for the first time.

Financial planning for the year 2024

In addition, we have now drawn up a budget for the current year for the first time - based on the 2023 figures, with a view to what is probably most important in 2024.

E-Budget 2024.pdf (482.69KB)
E-Budget 2024.pdf (482.69KB)

Our documents submitted to the authorities

In the spring of each year, we prepare an annual report (text) for the previous calendar year and a financial report (figures). We submit these to the financial authority responsible for us and the Senate Department for Justice, Consumer Protection and Anti-Discrimination. Among other things, they serve as the basis for the non-profit status granted to the Jemal Nebez Foundation.

The documents from previous years are available at the bottom of this page - below the gallery.

Those who wish will be informed directly

Good News! We have a first support member. He paid 120 EUR in March this year and will do the same in the time to come. This sum is contained in the category ‘Donations’. By the way, we are happy to send all those who have given us their name and email or home address our regular information on the progress of our work, either directly by email or slow mail. Thus, we hope to build a support member group.

In the gallery

Three pictures of documents related to the establishment of our foundation are displayed in the gallery:
Image 1
Cover page of our founding document. This explains how we are set up financially. It also contains information on how we are organized, what our tasks are and how our two boards are structured.
Picture 2
Official notice: The Jemal Nebez Foundation is a legal entity. As such our foundation can, for example. file lawsuits of general importance.
Picture 3
Official notice: The Jemal Nebez Foundation is certified as a non-profit organization, which could be interesting for sponsors and donors who generate income in Germany and may be eligible for tax benefits.

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