Dear friends and all those interested in the Jemal Nebez Foundation!

In order to inform you and other supporters and sponsors about the circumstances of our foundation and its current development, we have compiled some documents and information on this page.

In the gallery at the bottom 

In the gallery at the bottom you can see three images of documents related to the establishment of our foundation. These documents you will find in the first PDF below

We are sorry to say that these documents related to the establishment of our foundation are presently only available in German. In the meanwhile, you may find  the  English language key to the compilation useful.

Documents concerning the current development PDF

Here we provide our annual reports in PDF, which we send in the spring of each year for the previous calendar year to the authority responsible for us, i.e. to the Senate Department for Justice, Consumer Protection and Anti-Discrimination, as well as a copy to the Berlin Tax Office I for Corporations.

Furthermore, we post our annual financial statements here, which we send - together with our tax return including documentation - directly to the Tax Office I for Corporations.

We are sorry to say that the software used up to now for processing our financial statements does not offer an English version, We will post the English versions here when we have solved this problem.

Additional statement concerning our finances in planning

It is our wish to add another document here per calendar year. This document will list all incoming transfers to our account as well as all transfers from our account, thus documenting "income and expenses" in a simple way.  

Anonymized disclosure of donations and their use

With the following PDF we disclose - here for January 2023 - our donation income and project-related expenses.
Month by month throughout the year, we will see how our financial situation is developing.
PDF monthly report Jan 2023, donations income/ expenses

EN Q 1_2023.pdf (1.26MB)
EN Q 1_2023.pdf (1.26MB)
EN Q 2_2023.pdf (1.28MB)
EN Q 2_2023.pdf (1.28MB)

Those who wish will be informed directly

To all those who have given us their name and email or home address, we also offer regular information on the progress of our work, directly by email or directly by slow mail.

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