New in 2022

On this subpage, we display newly achieved stuff that is self-contained and presentable. At the end of the year, we put these new achievements in the right place / archive space. If there is no suitable place, then it will be kept for another year or two years on this sub-site  under last year or previous year

New in 2022 are these 5 PDFs

We found the scans/digital texts for these five PDFs in Jemal's estate. He apparently intended to publish them as PDFs himself, We checked the scans/texts and turned them into PDFs together with the correponding prefaces. All have been posted on Jemal's website, which still exists. You can now find them there in the overview of his works, click the year of the publication and then the red PDF tag.  Or, go directly to Digital Editions on his website, all 5 PDFs are listed there.