MAY 2021

In May, the Jemal Nebez Foundation was donated a piano. We thank the donor, Mrs Helga Albrecht-Thiele, and hope to be able to make good use of it on the occasion of our first open day – July 17.







Picture 1 - our piano, waiting to be transported.

Picture 2 - the kind donor Helga Albrecht-Thielel, together with Mohsen Kakarash (left), supporting member of the foundation and Salar Pashai (right), office manager, shortly before the piano was moved

Picture 3 - from left to right: Georg Löhr, who arranged the donation; Salar; Jan Gosau, who led the transportation of it; Helga, the donor; in front: Jalal Mahmood, Mohsen 

Picture 4 - on the way to Jan's transporter, from left to right: Helga, Salar, Georg, Jalal 

Picture 5 - The piano in the transporter.

Picture 6 – This is now the foundation’s piano.