Book projects

Jemal Nebez was already a household name to many people during his lifetime. Not all of them, however, do not know with what intensity and range of fields he had devoted himself to the culture and history of the Kurds and Kurdistan. This will only be fully understood when his foundation has made accessible the archives that have come down to it from his estate.
The existing [
overview of the books published by him] which you can find on his still existing website, is at least a good start. It presents his works in a keyword-like manner -  in German, English and a mix of both versions of Kurdish in two scripts: Kurdî and کوردی. As can be seen from this overview by the PDF tag, some of his books are directly deposited on that website as PDF.

Adding PDFs of Jemal's books

On the start page of this website, when you click the pink button “New in 2022”, you will find, among other new things, recently added PDFs, as the PDF of his Kurdish language physics book of 1960 (also see photo 1 below).

Initiatives of Jemal's friends and book lovers

Whoever particularly likes a book or a writing or an article penned by Jemal Nebez, please consider what you, he or she can contribute to preserve and disseminate it, whether among the Kurds themselves or by translating it into other languages.

In any case, the Jemal Nebez Foundation is the right place to post all initiatives for the dissemination of Jemal's works.

Special project: Spotlight on historical series of articles

A special gift for Jemal Nebez was thought up by Cemal Xeznedar (brother of Marouf Xeznedar), about which he reported at the get-together in Berlin on the 1st anniversary of Jemal's departure.
Thanks to the efforts of Cemal Xeznedar, some dearly missed parts of a continuation article published in a Bagdad newspaper in 1956, written in Arabic by Jemal had been found. The title of the continuation article read "The writing of Kurdish in Latin letters between opponents and supporters".  This was a most controversial topic in Arabic countries for decades.
Our namesake regretted a couple of years prior to his departure that this series of articles had not been preserved in its entirety.  Now there is good news! Cemal XEZNEDAR, a native of Sileymani in southern Kurdistan and a resident of Hanover, now has all of the continuations.  We hope that soon a complete publication of the historical document will be possible. We cannot take on printing costs, but maybe can help with the digitization and make an e-book of it.

Several translations still to be considered

Some books written by Jemal do not yet exist in Kurdish because he wrote them in other languages and they are not yet translated. We would very much appeciate if such books and essays by Jemal were translated into Kurdish, into both variants of Kurdish and in both script systems: Kurdî and کوردی.
Especially in these horrible times this would be a feat, because the powerful assessments of Jemal Nebez can give many people further confidence.

Two translations into Kurdish already agreed

For two works by Jemal, which so far exist only in Arabic the Foundation has  concluded agreements.  Both books [for the original covers - see photos 2 (1956) and 3 (1969) below] are being translated into  both variants of Kurdish in both scripts - Kurdî and کوردی. The Foundation can do the formating as PDFs or as e-books. It may also be able to help with the preparation for printing, We hope to get in touch with printing houses/publishers that want to take over the printing and distribution of the two books:
Some details about the two books currently being translated into Kurdish can be found in the overview of books published by Jemal Nebez on his still existing website - for the titles and the years of publication see
photos 2 and 3  below. 

Next in Kurmancî: Lalo Kerîm and two other texts

In 1956, when Jemal Nebez made it clear in Baghdad why he advocated writing Kurdish in Latin letters, Lalo Kerîm was for the first time published, not in Latin script, but as the law in Iraq required: in Oriental letters (for the original cover see photo 4 below).

Since 2019, this story exists in Latin letters . And not only the story, also the critical preface by Jemal Nebez to the 2nd edition of Lalo Kerîm which was published in 1986 (for the original cover see photo 6 below). Besam Mistefa has donated to our foundation not only the story, but also the preface of 1986 in Kurmancî.
The Foundation was hesitant whether to publish both texts, now in Kurmancî. at once. After all, both were controversial at their time.  Then it was decided that if this was to be, then together with still another text by Jemal Nebez on the subject. This text was written by our namesake in 1968 in German as preface for the German edition of Lalo Kerîm, for the original cover
see photo 5 below. From this text we learn how important the story of Lalo Kerîm was to Jemal, when he wrote the story and when he translated it into German. It is a good thing that this text as well has also been translated into Kurmancî. 

Now there is only little work left and "Lalo and more", compiled from three more than a decade spaced apart publications, will be published for the first time in Latin script within this year.