Current Seminars

It is a great pleasure that Dr. Irfan Mustafa has agreed to conduct a series of seminars in honor of Jemal Nebez, the namesake of our foundation. The seminars are to take place between August 2022 and January 2023 and will be held under the following title:

On Dr. Jemal Nebez’s Thoughts

On the Complexities of Kurdness

Dr. Irfan's approach to the series is philosophical-ontological and the series is divided as follows:

Seminar 1: The Problem of Being Kurdish.

Seminar 2: Origin and Kurdness
Seminar 3: Language and Kurdness
Seminar 4: Culture and Kurdness
Seminar 5: Religion and Kurdness
Seminar 6: Homeland and Kudness

Seminar 7: Sense of belonging  as Basis 

Dr. Jemal Nebez has published twice on the topic, of the seminar series - first time in 1985 and then in  2002. 

There was an early translation of the 1985 original. which was revised in 2003 

All three PDFs are also available on Jemal's  still  existing website - /digital, also see this subsite there -  there :

Second Seminar: Language and Kurdness

The Jemal Nebez Stiftung, on Sunday, October 2, 2022, held the second webinar project of the Jemal Nebez Foundation on the Kurdness question from Nebez's point of view for Dr. Irfan Mustafa. Here is the video edited in two parts:

Part One:

Part Two

First seminar:

The following video shares Dr. Irfan's introductory seminar of 8/14 It is easily viewable.

Without the help of the administrators of the Zanin-Page - their great creative and technical support when assembling and handling the the video material, - the posting  would not have been possible. Zanin's willingness to do the same for the following seminars humbles us.