Sponsorship Association

The support group of the Jemal Nebez Foundation, which invites Kurds and anyone interested of any other nationality to contact them and join in the group’s efforts, will have a fixed place in the program of the Annual Meeting and will be involved in the Open Day. 

Small annual budget

The Foundation provides the support group with a small budget. The support group can also make use of a garden in the center of Berlin including a small garden house, for its meetings and exhibitions. 

Establishing artistic and cultural contacts 

The Foundation's circle of supporters is active in generating donations and other help. It is also active in establishing a wide range of artistic and cultural contacts, including handicrafts, horticulture, beekeeping as well as nature and landscape conservation initiatives all over Kurdistan.

The arts and culture-related exchanges initiated by the Jemal Nebez Foundation's Circle of Supporters aim to mutually enrich the participants. 

Shows and exhibits 

Wrought iron from Kurdistan and other handicrafts should be exhibited if possible, or shown via the internet. The support group will search the Kurdish music scene and demonstrate the diversity of Kurdish music known by presenting a choice selection at the Foundation’s events, either live, on the Internet, or both. On suitable occasions, natural products from Kurdistan will also be offered for tasting, such as honey and rice. 

Contact details 

The support group would be pleased to hear from anybody who has such contacts, or knows how to establish them. The easiest way to contact us is via the contact form, or alternatively by email.