Jemal Nebez Science Award

Jemal Nebez was a very thorough and multidisciplinary thinker. He applied the approach he developed - guided by moral and scientific principles - in all spheres of his life. 

His first intellectual love was for the natural sciences. At college, he chose the teaching profession for high schools and the subjects of physics and mathematics.

In the years before, his versatile talents had already become evident. His father had him taught several languages as a child, and as an adolescent, he began to write his own texts.

As years went by, he proved his extraordinary abilities in many fields. He was able to recognize linguistic connections, enrich the science of history, and investigate the causes of the disadvantages of his people in a lifelong and incorruptible way and expose several of them.

All this together, not least the fact that Jemal Nebez was a Kurd and consciously identified himself as such in all situations in life, made him a towring thinker and an exceptional personality.

Awarding the Jemal Nebez Prize to individuals, groups, or projects

The standardized fields in which the Jemal Nebez Science Prize can be awarded are extensive, namely politics, law, history, linguistics, art, literature, music, mathematics, medicine, and natural science.

The Jemal Nebez Science Prize can be awarded to individuals worthy of distinction as well as to groups or projects.

Biennial Award

Ideally, the prize should be awarded every two years.

Whether the prize can be awarded for the first time in December 2022 or only in 2023 is not yet clear, but will have become clear by the end of August this year.

In any case, an inquiry was submitted to the authorities in February 2022as to whether they might have any objections to our planned procedure regarding the identification of suitable candidates for our science prize. We were informedthat there were no objections under foundation law, made us happy.

The date of the first award should be clear by the end of August this year. 

When we announce who will receive the first Jemal Nebez Prize and how the award will be presented in detail, which will be done on this website, we will also report on the procedure, on how we have identified suitable candidates.

If you have any suggestions for the Jemal Nebez Award, please submit them either by email to or, conveniently via our contact form.