Jemal Nebez Science Award

Jemal Nebez was a very thorough thinker. He applied scientific principles to all aspects of life. His first intellectual loves were for the natural sciences, mathematics, and astronomy. When he started studying in Baghdad in the late 1940s, he enrolled in mathematics and physics.

In the years before, however, he had already discovered and begun to cultivate his other intellectual talents. He had extraordinary abilities in many fields. He was able to recognize linguistic connections, to enrich the science of history, and to research and disclose the causes of the discrimination of his people, something which he did not tire of..

All of this, and not least the fact that Jemal Nebez was a Kurd and consciously recognized himself himself as such in any situations of life, made him the exceptional man he was. 

Awards for individuals, groups or projects 

The categories in which the Jemal Nebez Science Prize can be awarded are extensive: politics, law, history, linguistics, art, literature, music, mathematics, medicine, and natural science.

The Jemal Nebez Science Prize can be awarded to worthy individuals, groups or projects. 

Awarded every second year 

Ideally, the prize will be awarded every second year. Whether the prize is to be awarded for the first time in December 2022 or only in 2023 will be decided at our first regula annual meeting in December 2021.

At that time, the rules for the awarding of the prize will also be published on this page.