Here the voice of Jemal Nebez is gradually brought back to life. Jemal's estate includes a number of audio and video cassettes, which, however, have to be reworked as far as the sound is concerned.

To the currently offered podcast:

Hopefully there will still be a way to edit the quality of this podcast. For this one, however, we can also offer a written version.

Jemal speaks in Kurdish on the given topic and manages to include the entire spectrum of Kurdish culture.


The topic: The status and potential of Kurdish culture

Interview with Dr. Jemal Nebez

dated 02.26.1998, given in Berlin

Interviewer O. Aschna on behalf of the Kurdish periodical Gelaweji Nwe

Length: 37 min.


A lot of audio and video materials are still waiting to be developed, edited and, in some cases, published on this site...


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