Further Projects

The Foundation has limited resources, which suffice for paying its expenses, but not its staff. It relies on voluntary work, donations and other forms of help.

For certain projects, or when special knowledge is required or for work a scope of work that cannot be performed voluntarily, the Foundation will call for donations for a specific purpose.

The Foundation is recognized as a non-profit organization, and is authorized to issue donation receipts. 

According to its statutes, the foundation can engage in several activities.

  1. Contracts for work:
    The Jemal Nebez Foundation is built on voluntary work. The Foundation can also put contracts for work out to tender. Among applicants, preference is given to those who are willing and able to instruct and train volunteers in the field.

  2. Internships:
    Analogous to work contracts, internships can be awarded by the Foundation. 

  3. Research promotion/assistance in submitting grant applications:
    The Foundation provides support for finding and obtaining funds for research, and for submitting the corresponding applications for funding. 

  4. Scholarships:
    In the future, the Jemal Nebez Foundation may be able to arrange and award scholarships to particularly talented or competent people of Kurdish origin. 

The necessary regulations and procedures will be published on this page in due course.