Current Projects

The Foundation is currently busy with two projects.

  1. The computer registration and cataloguing of the books, periodicals, and audio/video carriers in the Jemal Nebez Library. It will be accessible as a reference library at the Foundation's seat in Berlin.
  2. The development of a multilingual inventory of the works of Jemal Nebez, initially in the form of a comprehensive list of his works. In preparation for Jemal's 80th birthday, a first draft of such a list was made and presented to him. You can still see it on his website, at This list is incomplete, and not in the form that is now required. A plan for further action is being worked upon.

Director: Dr. Hannelore Küchler, Chair of the Jemal Nebez Foundation.

Parts of the work will be assigned in contracts for work and services, which will be funded through project-related donations where possible.

Work contracts are awarded to contractors who are willing to involve suitable Foundation volunteers, and to guide them in routine work. 

The Foundation also welcomes these two current projects from friends: 

  1. Jemal’s tale from 1956, LALO KERIM (the 2nd edition from 1986), is now available in Kurdish, in Latin script. Besam MISTEFA, of southern Kurdistan, has recently completed this work, which will hopefully be published one day. Besam is now in the process of writing a foreword for its future publication.
  2. In the meantime, the continuation article written by Jemal in 1956 in Arabic, "THE WRITING OF THE KURDISH LANGUAGE IN LATIN LETTERS BETWEEN OPPONENTS AND SUPPORTERS”, is available again. Jemal regretted that this series of articles had not been completely preserved. Cemal XEZNEDAR, from Sileymani in southern Kurdistan and based in Hanover, found the missing parts. He is currently preparing the new edition.


Anyone who particularly likes a book, script or article written by Jemal Nebez should consider what they can do to preserve and disseminate it, whether among the Kurds themselves, by translating them into other languages, or by finding a new edition. The Jemal Nebez Foundation is the right place for such initiatives to be publicized and promoted.