First, a thank you!

The preamble/statute of the foundation has been discussed over the course of several meetings in Berlin, with a variety of interested parties.

Samera Abdullah, Golchin Jolayi, and Zinar Cheikhmous (all in Berlin) began viewing books for the Foundation's future book stall.

The translation of this website was done by several volunteers: Hüseyin Kartal provided the first version in Kurdish using Latin script and Izzeldin Nasso the adapted this to the design of the website. Halo Mohammed created the first version in Kurdish using oriental script, and Salar Pashai completed the adaptation.  

Chauki Issa finally completed the translation into Kurdish latin script by translating the Privacy section as well as the Legal Notice.  

Call for you to join in

The Foundation is built on voluntary work. In this initial phase, we are learning how to organize such work. One way is to list the areas in which volunteers are currently required. 

Call for collaboration 1

Translating texts, both short and long, from and into several languages

Prerequisites: experience with translating. If some certified translators are part of the network it would be helpful, as for some documents and purposes, the stamp and signature of a certified translator is necessary.

If you are willing to be included in the distribution list of our network of translators which is currently being set up, please notify us through our contact form. We will then contact you for a personal interview.

Call for collaboration 2

Organizing the Foundation's book and information stall

Requirements: reliability, taking pleasure in organizing, experience in dealing with groups and individual employees, personal initiative

Different locations (at major events and conferences, on the occasion of the Foundation’s annual meeting)

If you are interested, please get in touch with us using our contact form. We will then arrange an interview