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The passing of Dr. Jemal Nebez a year and a half ago has been a terrible loss for us, and has given us an even greater obligation to preserve his far-reaching work, to spread it far and wide, and to make it available to future generations.

This page is presented in Kurdish (in both accepted alphabets), German and English. In this way, many people from many parts of the world will learn about the life and work of Dr. Nebez, who died in Berlin on December 8th, 2018. Many of you already know that he created outstanding and innovative works in a wide range of specialist areas, including the language and culture of the Kurds and the history of Kurdistan. If you have come here by chance and know very little about the life and work of Jemal Nebez, we wold like to extend an especially warm welcome to you. 

Dear guests, dear friends!

Jemal Nebez lived modestly, as is no secret, and he stayed closely connected to both Kurds and Kurdistan. As a thinker, scientist, orientalist and political scientist, Dr. Jemal Nebez succeeded in giving Kurdology a modern approach. Given his unrelenting commitment to what he identified as “kurdayiti”, we believe that, we believe that had he lived on he would have wanted to carry on with his work – adding to our knowledge about the common ground that has bound the Kurds, through the centuries in terms of their langauge and culture, and by doing so also adding to our knowledge of the history of Kurdistan. 

Dear Kurds, friends!

Wherever you are, in Kurdistan or around the world, if some of you are willing to apply your skills and abilities, some of what Jemal Nebez called for can well be achieved. The purpose of the Jemal Nebez Foundation, as laid down in its charter, includes further research activities, should initiatives and the necessary funds come about. For the time being, given the Foundation’s small budget, we will focus on an online catalogue for the Jemal Nebez Library, as well as on a comprehensive inventory of its namesake’s writings.

I hope to be able to get in touch with and work with many of you on the design of the foundation. It is my desire to leave behind a foundation that will be suitably structured for the future, and to find a successor as soon as possible.

Sincerely yours, 
Dr. Hannelore Küchler,
Chair of the Jemal Nebez Foundation

PS It is best to start right away. In the gallery below, you can see we some of Jemal’s books and writings. His former website is still online,  and there you can see a list of his work. If you have a book or text of his in your library, which is not listed there, please let us know via our contact form. Our goal is a comprehensive listing of his works and writings. Any help woujld be warmly welcomed

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