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Dear friends and friends of the Kurds, old and new!

For all those who want to be quickly informed about what is new/updated, we recommend clicking on these subpages:

About Us/AcknowledgementsDonationsSupport, Long Term Project/Book Projects, Science Award.

In the future, we will continue to indicate updates in our subpages or new subpages at this point. Currently we are also building an archive for this page.

Via the button "New in 2022" we will continue to present new content. The button "Events" will remain for the time being,

We ask for your indulgence. Our foundation is still young. It was confirmed as a non-profit by the authorities on March 30, 2020, so is now only in its third year.

As the updates show: we are building the Jemal Nebez Foundation according to plan and fully in line with our statutes. Admittedly, we have a lot in mind and could use all the support we can get.
We look forward to your feedback and thank you for your interest.

We wish all friends of the Kurds and those interested in this website a lot of strength and confidence, especially in these terrible times, which Jemal went through several times in a similar form.

Reez w Silav!
Jemal Nebez Stiftung
Gemeinnützige Stiftung des öffentlichen Rechts


P.S. Here as a reminder of the poem by F. Grillparzer that Jemal much appreciated, and Abdullah recently translated into Kurdish. We already shared it with you at the time of Newroz.


F. Grillparzer.pdf (178.38KB)
F. Grillparzer.pdf (178.38KB)


By the way, there is a group that is still looking for improvement. If any of the literati among the Kurds have any suggestions, please use our contact form. It would also be nice if we received the Kurdish version in Latin letters.



Here in the gallery we show some books and writings of our namesake, which are listed on his website .
Who has a not listed writing of Jemal Nebez in his possession, please let us know, gladly over our contact form. The goal is a comprehensive directory of the works and writings of our namesake. Any help is welcome.

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